Newspeak Theatre

Newspeak creates new engaging Theatre.

Founded in 2013 by Sarah Schaefer and Mischa Resnick 



Sarah Schaefer -  Artistic Director and Founding Member

Sarah was born in Bern, Switzerland. She quickly found her passion for the theatre, performing in her first musical at the age of eight and has been performing on stage and camera ever since. With her multicultural background it was clear for her that a wider world beckoned, so she left to start her theatre training in Paris, before going on to Zurich and finally making her way to New York. It was there that Sarah became inspired to create collectively with other artists a certain kind of theatre that is both engaging and challenging. After three years in New York she accepted a role in a Swiss national theatre tour, performed in several film and theatre productions in Switzerland, Germany and France, before relocating to London. Now finally it is her home and the birthplace of The Newspeak Theatre Company! As an actress and writer she founded this company to give actors and writers the possibilities for creative collaboration and generation of exciting original work.

With Mischa Resnick as co founder she now is looking forward to work to produce new, exciting and engaging theatre.


Mischa Resnick - Founding Member

Mischa grew up in Western Australia where he was accepted onto the Performing arts course at the age of thirteen. He has been training, working and teaching in the live and recorded arts ever since.

In March 2010 he relocated to London to immerse himself in the vibrant world of performance in this city. After several years of collaborating, developing and performing in many creative projects nationally and internationally he met Sarah, and a year later Newspeak was born. Mischa now hopes to continue his work as a performer and establish Newspeak as a company that produces the exciting, fresh work that this industry needs.