Newspeak Theatre

Newspeak creates new engaging Theatre.

Founded in 2013 by Sarah Schaefer and Mischa Resnick 



Latest Project


(Good Bye Cyberspace)

A Play written by

Sarah Schaefer


5 extraordinary children

Half a year ago I was asked to teach a small group of special educated pupils creative writing. They learned the basics on how to write a play and received basic acting training. 

With no budget and almost no rehearsal time, we put together a fun, provocative play. 

It was a special time to work with these kids. Astonishing to what they are capable of and mind blowing to what we can learn from them.

A project that is dear to my heart it is also within the concept of Newspeak Theatre Company, that produces new, fun theatre that incorporates a balance of engaging and entertaining work that will provoke the audience in an intellectual and emotional way. 

This is a donation based project. All the donations will be donated to UNICEF for a special education project for children around the world who do not have the luxury to get education.


One of our creative resources is our writers-room. It is a hotbed for playwrights to come, meet and develop work in. Through a stimulating, productive and creatively buzzing place, in which ideas can be cooked-up, served, sampled and digested together, we hope to develop new exciting playwrights.  

Newspeak Theatre is fascinated by possibilities of language, what it can do, how it can be articulated and what can be achieved through words. 

Through our collective approach we believe we find not only more depth to each character and story but it is also about having fun exploring and creating new work together. 

Current Project

We are currently working on our next project which is a 4 episode Theatre- Series. 

It explores the anxiety about who we are and what we want in a modern city like London.