Newspeak Theatre

Newspeak creates new engaging Theatre.

Founded in 2013 by Sarah Schaefer and Mischa Resnick 



Newspeak Theatre is a London based Theatre Company that produces new, fun theatre that incorporates a balance of engaging and entertaining work that will provoke the audience in an intellectual and emotional way. It is a platform to work collectively with different artists and give emerging writers the opportunity to have their work produced.

Sarah’s original idea was to create a platform where actors can meet and work with writers. This is to nurture the possibilities for creative collaboration and generation of exciting original work. It is supposed to be a company that has a potential to grow in further directions and develop working relationships with talented creatives throughout their careers. 

Newspeak Theatre is fascinated by possibilities of language, what it can do, how it can be articulated and what can be achieved through words. Think of us as the “photo-negative” of the Orwellian dystopia. We're reinventing the use of Newspeak to inspire passionate, raw and provocative modes of expression for the future of writing and performance. 

The goal is that the company will produce at least one new play submitted by a new writer each season and approach all its art with a collective mind-set. All other productions are planned to be written by the Newspeak Theatre writers-room. 




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